Earth Jam 2017 is a weekend-long music festival and gathering to celebrate our planet while raising awareness of local and global issues.

It takes place on the shores of Lake Kaweah at the base of the Great Western Divide in the foothills of the Sierras. About an hour south of Fresno. Three Rivers, CA is only minutes from Sequoia National Park, a world-class attraction.

To ensure you have the best possible time, follow this list of suggestions:


STAY HYDRATED - Sip or take small gulps of water (to help cool your body) AND non-caffeinated beverages like sports-drinks and coconut water (to replenish electrolytes). Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the body.

STAY HEALTHY - Make sure you have food! Snacks, and/or a proper meal can provide you with more energy. Food and Drink vendors will be provided inside the festival.

STAY FUNCTIONAL - Don't forget protection from the sun (e.g. sunscreen, hats) during the day, and layers of clothing at night.

PLEASE CONSIDER WEARING EARPLUGS - Loud music can cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Protect yourself!

MIXING ALCOHOL WITH OTHER SUBSTANCES CAN BE DANGEROUS - Combining alcohol with medication or other substances increases risks, and may lead to potentially dangerous interactions.

BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Do not be fooled by Earth Jam’s beautiful location. The river is home to many animals such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, and possibly bears. We are guests to their home so treat it the way you found it! Please do not leave any food, beverages, or anything that might attract animals to the campsites.

SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY - If you are experiencing any health issue please contract the nearest Earth Jam employee or one of our helpful volunteers to seek medical attention immediately.

EVENT STAFF, SECURITY, MEDICAL STAFF, AND VOLUNTEERS - These people are here to help you stay safe and have a great time!

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT, SAY SOMETHING - Do not be afraid of our security or medical teams, they are here to help you stay safe!

KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR FRIENDS - Stay together and have a buddy system. At night is very dark under the stars, going outside the campsite or event grounds can be potentially dangerous.

EDUCATE YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS - The best decisions are well informed ones! Earth Jam is here to promote and execute education

BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY - You are ultimately the only person responsible for your own actions.

• Bring your own canteen, thermos for beverages, for both provided (water) and vending

• Absolutely no fire of any kind; no camping stoves, no bonfire, no candles. No open flame. Designated smoking area will be provided

• M.O.O.P : Matter Out Of Place...upon exiting whether it for the day or at the end of the weekend, leave no moop behind. Take out what you bring in. Dispose of trash and recycling appropriately.

• Sound curfew strictly enforced

• Any violations will result in forfeit of wristband and you will be escorted off property... especially contributing to minors...



All participants need to be aware that the lake is army corps of engineers property and therefore all drugs including marijuana are not allowed on the premises. Even though state law allows marijuana for recreational use the federal government does not recognize this law. Therefore any illegal drug use can and will result in forfeiture of wrist bands and escorting from the premises.

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